An array of Tom Sachs Rocket on blue background
Plain Gray Tom Sachs Rocket on brown background with launch sticker

Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory

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Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory is a trans-dimensional manufacturing plant.

On August 1st, 2021 Rocket Components were released. Components could be Com-burned into Rocket NFTs. Rocket Holders could elect to have a physical counterpart of their Rocket assembled and launched. The Final Physical Rocket Launch took place 1 year later in August, 2022. The Completed Rocket NFT, its Physical Rocket twin (if recovered), and the video documenting the launch form a Holy Trinity. An NFT, A Physical Rocket, a video documenting the launch. These are not 3 separate things. This is one. A Singular Trans-dimensional NFT, and it is yours to keep.

Budweiser Red Rocket
TSRF Team launching a rocket
An array of rockets on the TSRF studio wall
Tom Sachs assembling a plain white rocket


Display of physical rockets and their digital NFT counterparts

We began the Rocket Factory as a way of transcending the physical and the digital realms. Now we have a place where the physical and digital are merged, traded as one.

During Miami Art Basel, 2022. Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory worked with Americana to host an exclusive viewing of Rocket Factory movies at the Frost Museum’s Planetarium. The Rocket Factory announced its partnership with Americana to create a custom marketplace, where physical rockets alongside their NFT counterparts can be tokenized and traded.

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  • Instant Liquidity

    Blockchain powered transactions for instant transfers.

  • Global Visibility

    Collect and connect on a global scale, 24/7.

  • Pro Digitization

    High-resolution and 3D imagery of your piece.

  • Transparent Authentication

    Creator and expert authentication on the blockchain.

  • Condition Reporting

    Dynamic, transparent condition reporting for asset appreciation and valuation.

  • White-Glove Services

    Highest standard of handling and storage.

Recent Highlights

  • Image of the Rocket Factory's Setup at NFT Paris

    24 February 2023

    NFT Paris

    The Rocket Factory held a unique live mint experience to announce the latest phase of the project, The Final Frontier.

  • Image of the Rocket Factory Team at The Catchall Contingency Launch

    1 August 2022

    The Catchall Contingency Launch:

    The final launch of Physical Rockets took place on August 1st, 2022. Where the Rocket Factory team launched 387 Rockets in a single day.