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Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory




Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory - Rockets


Digital NFT

Product Description

  • ArtistTom Sachs
  • Release DateAugust 1, 2021
  • S/N2021.192.876
  • Dimensions16.75 x 7.25 x 7.25 in
  • Weight4 lbs / 1.81 kgs
  • MaterialsPaper, Plastic, Steel, Synthetic Polymer, Plywood, and Acrylic
  • Rocket TypePerfect Rocket
  • Flight HistoryLaunched
  • Nose Cone BrandScotch
  • Body BrandScotch
  • Tail Assembly BrandScotch
  • Sticker(s)0


The Rocket Factory is a Trans-Dimensional manufacturing plant, bridging the Physical and Digital realms. A Rocket is composed of three Component NFTs: a Nose Cone, a Body, and a Tail. These components were burned and minted into a Completed Rocket NFT. When the Launch Option was selected, a Physical Rocket sculpture was hand-made in Physical Space. The Physical Rocket is an exact replica of the Completed Rocket NFT.


  • SourceDirect from Artist
  • Authenticated byTom Sachs: Rocket Factory & Americana
  • Authenticated onAugust 18, 2023
  • Certificate of Authenticity


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Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory
Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory

On August 1st, 2021 Rocket Components were released. Components could be Com-burned into Rocket NFTs. Rocket Holders could elect to have a physical counterpart of their Rocket assembled and launched. The Final Physical Rocket Launch took place 1 year later in August, 2022. The Completed Rocket NFT, its Physical Rocket twin (if recovered), and the video documenting the launch form a Holy Trinity. An NFT, A Physical Rocket, a video documenting the launch. These are not 3 separate things. This is one. A Singular Trans-dimensional NFT, and it is yours to keep.

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