Ringers #962 - 383/726

Limited Edition Print

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Dmitri Cherniak - Ringers #962 - 383/726_Main
Dmitri Cherniak - Ringers #962 - 383/726_Detail
Dmitri Cherniak - Ringers #962 - 383/726_Detail 2
Dmitri Cherniak - Ringers #962 - 383/726_Edition
Dmitri Cherniak - Ringers #962 - 383/726_Signature

Product Description

  • ArtistDmitri Cherniak
  • Release DateSeptember 28, 2023
  • Edition383/726
  • Dimensions19.7in x 19.7in
  • Materials3 colour silkscreen printed in 7 layers with emboss on 410gsm Somerset Tub Sized Radiant White paper.


Dmitri Cherniak reconfigures his pioneering series with a silkscreen print that nods to the algorithmic parameters of Generative art.

Originally released in 2021, the Ringers series illustrates the almost infinite ways a string could be wrapped around a set of pegs, created by an algorithm that allows a limitless variety of combinations of this concept. Derived from a unique Javascript transaction hash, each output contains feature variations including peg count, size, layout, wrap orientation and colourful flourishes.

Realised as a physical print edition, this new incarnation of Ringers is a 9-piece parameter sweep laid out in a 3x3 grid. The number of pegs sampled are changed between 10% and 100%, with the signature yellow peg remaining consistent in each composition. Ringer #962, donated to Los Angeles County Museum of Art, appears in the centre. To support the future of LACMA, proceeds from Cherniak's first Avant Arte edition will be donated to the museum, alongside the original work.

The artist’s three signature colours are boldly realised in seven layers of silkscreen, each enhanced by embossment. Each print is paired with an NFT of the same artwork.


  • SourceDirect from Artist
  • Authenticated byAmericana Technologies, Inc
  • Authenticated onNovember 30, 2023


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