Kim Knoll

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Inspired by nature, Kim's paintings blend geometric and organic abstraction in an unexpected way.

Kim Knoll (b. 1979) is an American contemporary artist with a BFA in Visual Communications based in Chicago. She developed her painting style from 19 years of professional experience as a graphic designer. Within one year of pursuing painting as a personal endeavor, Kim's work quickly gained recognition from collectors, art consultants, and interior designers, allowing her to focus on painting full-time. Today, Kim produces original paintings and prints for luxury homes and brands worldwide like The Ritz-Carlton Hotels and Yacht Collection, Four Seasons, Waldorf Astoria, and Crate & Barrel.

Kim Knoll & Americana

Inspired by nature and influenced by minimalism, my works on paper are composed from an abstract perspective.

I love living in the city of Chicago, but I often crave spending time outside exploring lakes, mountains, forests, and coastlines through hiking and camping. These experiences have become the inspiration behind my work, in essence, to bring the outdoors into an urban environment with a unique take. Using acrylic, watercolor, ink, graphite, spray paint or charcoal, and a refined color palette, I think of shapes, movements, and textures found in nature to inform and guide each painting. I try to bring a positive feeling into my art, pulling from joyful memories or a peaceful mood. I hope my art brings that same joy and peace to others and offers a momentary escape from the everyday.

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