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Nancy Baker Cahill - Terrortory_Main
Nancy Baker Cahill - Terrortory_Left
Nancy Baker Cahill - Terrortory_Right
Nancy Baker Cahill - Terrortory_Detail
Nancy Baker Cahill - Terrortory_Corner
Nancy Baker Cahill - Terrortory_Signature

Product Description

  • ArtistNancy Baker Cahill
  • Year2022
  • Edition1/1
  • Dimensions32.9 x 32.9 in
  • MaterialsArchival pigment print


Terrortory is a video and archival print that highlights the violence of state-sanctioned forced birth and assault on body sovereignty. Christofascist ideologies have infected state and federal legislatures, designating wombs as state property. This artwork protests oppressive policies and practices that strip more than half of the country of their reproductive freedom.


  • SourceDirect from Collector
  • Authenticated byAmericana Technologies, Inc
  • Authenticated onNovember 28, 2023


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