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Product Description

  • ArtistAndrew Wang
  • Release DateDecember 3, 2022
  • Dimensions48 x 60 in
  • MaterialsCotton Canvas, K-60 Paint Markers


Painted live at the Americana for FUTURE PERFECT event in Miami.



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Andrew Wang
Andrew Wang

Andrew Wang possesses an extraordinary talent for uniting individuals through his multifaceted abilities as an artist, writer, philanthropist, and footballer. Andrew and his work have garnered recognition from esteemed publications, including Time, French GQ, and Business Insider. He maintains an incredible community on Twitter, hosting spaces and providing the content we all need and love. The emergence of NFTs has revolutionized the scope of possibilities in our rapidly digitizing world, and Andrew Wang adeptly harnesses this potential through purposeful engagement as a creator, thought leader, founder, and advisor. His involvement spans across multiple impactful projects, notably RELI3F—an initiative that swiftly raised $1 million for Ukraine in a mere 30 seconds—and W3FC, a pioneering venture situated at the intersection of Web3, Football, and Events.

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