Refrigerator Monster

Life-size monster puppet

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Refrigerator Monster Detail shot
Refrigerator Monster - right side detail
Refrigerator Monster - left side detail

Product Description

  • ArtistZack Buchman
  • Year2023
  • Dimensions66 x 28.5 x 22.5 in
  • MaterialsWooden skeleton, foam, fleece, acrylic plastic, & ostrich feathers.


Life-size monster puppet designed by Zack Buchman, featuring mechanical and hand operated movements.



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Zack Buchman
Zack Buchman

Zack Buchman, a NYC-based toy and puppet designer, is renowned for his collaborations with iconic brands like Apple, Casper, and Nintendo. He co-founded Uncute, a toy company with a mission to redefine 'cute' and promote inclusivity. With original characters like Blobby the Blobfish, they aim to challenge societal norms and promote a world where being different is celebrated. Through the Uncute Initiative, a portion of their proceeds supports local organizations aiding homeless and runaway youth.

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