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Das Ding (V.2)
Das Ding (V.2)
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Product Description

  • ArtistLars Fisk
  • Year2023
  • Dimensions54 x 49 x 36 in
  • MaterialsSteel, auto parts, upholstery, shovel


Das Dings (The Things) are sculptures made directly out of Volkswagens. Specifically, a rare model that was produced briefly in the 1970’s and marketed in the United States as “The Thing”. The design of this model was akin to “The Beetle” but without the friendly, rounded shapes of its sibling.

The result was oddly similar to the ubiquitous Beetle and, to the artist, “seemed like some sort of cubist abstraction. It was already playing on a shift of identity that interested me so all I had to do was further the process”.

Like minimalist sculptures, these objects are pared down to basic rectilinear shapes, trapezoids and parallelograms and like their automotive counterparts, are convertible- meant to be opened, closed, folded up and even rotated into a variable arrangements of form.


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Lars Fisk
Lars Fisk

Selections here from three distinct projects by Lars Fisk: Balls (1996-present), Trash (2008) and Das Dings (2023). The Balls are a series of sculptures where familiar subjects such as a tree, a barn, or a UPS truck (to name a few) undergo a shape-shift into that of a sphere. As the artist says, “To make a ball of something is to abstract it into a kernel of itself. I want to strip it down to its most basic, identifiable features to see what we might find underneath the physical, like its essence. I’m curious about what happens to our perception when presented with something in this state. Can we still see it for what it isn’t?”. The sphere is the most pure and perfect of forms, a shape that lies at the heart of physics, philosophy, religion, geometry, and astronomy... it also presents the ultimate technical challenge for a sculptor. In a world in which most stock materials are based on straight lines, planes, and right angles, flawlessly bending these products to one’s curved will is an indication of an impressive mastery of technique and materials, as well as evidence of an overpowering desire for order. Fisk’s formal invention, sculptural prowess, and precise attention to detail yield sculptures that are surprising, humorous, accessible, and profound.

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